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Welcome to the meatless age…

Last year we were talking a lot about a burgeoning plant-based food craze that was on the cusp of becoming a mainstream diet revolution.

Meatless foods were trailed as being the ‘hot trend’ in 2018; and the shift is well and truly on, led by innovators like Impossible Foods, backed by the likes of Bill Gates, Beyond Meat, supported by Leonardo DiCaprio, Memphis Meats and Finless Foods – to name few.

Bruce Friedrich from the Good Food Institute has written a couple of articles for us this year on the pace of change, and the opportunities the market offers pioneers looking to make a profit; as well as the environmental gains.

The message from Joseph Poore, from Oxford University, that “a vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth” is being embraced by an increasing number of citizens.

Check out the video of the “Manhattan Beach Project” innovation campus from Beyond Meat that recently opened its doors. It is home to scientists and engineers working to create meat from plants.


And if you are tucking into the future of food, remember to take a snap and add it to our #foodsavvy campaign 


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