|11 April 2016|

Bryson Koehler will deliver the keynote speach at  IoT Slam® 2016. The chief information and technology officer for The Weather Company will join a host of big names for the international virtual reality conference.

His keynote speech Weathering the IoT Storm “will discuss how his team for instance, helps airlines take the subjectivity out of decision making when scheduling aircraft for maintenance, especially after the planes hit turbulence, with a high degree of accuracy. Routine weather costs US businesses over $500 billion in 2014,” according to the event’s website.

Mr Koehler said: “Weather was the original Big Data problem and Data is quickly becoming the world’s next great natural resource. The potential for connecting data from within the Internet of Things is astronomical, especially as it relates to weather. With data coming from smartphones, airplanes, windshield wipers, irrigation systems, and billions of other devices, we can derive great cognitive insight and value that helps billions of consumers and tens of thousands of business make better decisions.”

Labelled the world’s first and largest virtual IoT conference, IoT Slam takes place on 28 April.