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Wearables can personalise Parkinson’s treatment


By recording the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients over a seven day period, a pioneering wearables system is able to generate data-driven reports which aid the development of more personalised treatments.

Global Kinetics Corporation, a leader in digital health technology for people with Parkinson’s, has developed a new, wrist worn second generation Parkinson’s KinetiGraphTM (PKGTM) system. It is a patient-friendly, algorithm-based system that records body movements and other symptoms over the course of a week and creates data-driven reports that empower more personalised treatment and management decisions—with the goal of leading to a higher quality of life for patients.

It recently received its CE marking, which means it complies with European health and safety requirements and legislation. And it has already received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and been trialled in Australia, where it received huge support from patients.

CEO and President of Global Kinetics Corporation, Timothy Still, said: “Global Kinetics continues to deliver on its strategic business objectives while remaining steadfast in our mission to make a meaningful difference for people with Parkinson’s. We recently celebrated delivery of our 13,000th PKGTM report – and look forward to a new era of impact for patients around the world with our second generation PKGTM system.”

The first generation PKGTM system is already used in a number of countries throughout Europe including Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Netherlands and the UK.

The second generation system incorporates tech improvements which could empower patients by allowing them to monitor themselves 24/7, in addition to their clinician, so they can better manage and control their symptoms.

Clinicians receive detailed reports of the patient’s movements, helping to assess the impact of the disease on the patient’s everyday life and amend their therapy regime accordingly – enabling personalised care.

New patient friendly features of the second generation PKGTM system include a more modern and discrete design for the wrist worn device, known as the PKGTM watch. The new PKGTM watch is similar to a smart watch and includes a vibrating alarm and LED light for medication reminders. It is also now water resistant so that it may be worn continuously.

“The second generation PKGTM platform enables us to capitalise on our growing telehealth and clinical trial services businesses, and to build upon our already substantial partnerships with global pharmaceutical and device leaders in the area of Parkinson’s,” Still said.

The new technology will be introduced to patients and clinicians in twelve leading European movement disorder clinics in the next two months, with a full rollout to follow thereafter.

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