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VR reveals extent of air pollution


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is part of a team using virtual Reality (VR) to create a ‘new frontier in environmental education’.

UNEP, in collaboration with Datavized Technologies, Brookline Interactive Group (BIG), and The Public VR Lab, have launched There’s Something in the Air. The VR ‘data visualization experience’ shows air pollution changes over time around the world.

“The data collected and experienced through this pioneering VR initiative will inform policymakers on the status of air pollution in their respective constituencies worldwide,” said Cristian Mazzei, special assistant to the director of the ecosystem division of the United Nations Environmental Programme.

There’s Something in the Air can be viewed on on any connected device.

“This experience demonstrates how big data and VR can be used together to create an immersive environment for increased understanding and enhanced communication of real-world challenges. We are delighted Datavized geospatial software products and mapping technologies are being used as powerful tools for environmental education, awareness and impact,” added Debra Anderson, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Datavized Technologies.

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