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Virtual lessons could save lives


Diageo is developing a virtual reality (VR) platform to warn Americans about the dangers of binge drinking.

The drinks giant is working with cinematic VR company, Jaunt, to produce virtual scenarios that can act like a deterrent to excessive alcohol consumption. It builds on Diageo’s previous VR initiative, ‘Decisions’, which gave a 360 degree, front seat view, of a fatal crash caused by drunk driving. Over 14 million saw it, with three quarters of those surveyed after watching it saying it would make them arrange a designated driving in future, with nearly the same percentage saying they’d take action to prevent someone committing the crime.

“Telling people about the effects of irresponsible decision-making when drinking is one thing – but giving them the opportunity to see, hear and feel what can happen because of even one bad choice is a potential game changer. ‘Decisions’ and its portrayal of the impact of drunk driving stuck with viewers, even after they removed their headsets. Now, we’re aiming to prevent binge drinking with the same high impact intervention,” explained James Thompson, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Diageo North America.

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