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Vertical farming market grows stronger


The vertical farming revolution will roll into the Seattle area early next year.

San Francisco’s Plenty is setting up its ‘first full scale farm’ as it begins scaling up nationally and internationally. The company grows produce, for local distribution, using sensor tech, big data and LED lighting.

“Seattle’s emphasis on delicious, healthy food and energy and water efficiency makes the area a natural fit for our next Plenty farm,” Matt Barnard, CEO and co-founder of Plenty, said in a statement. “At nearly 100,000 square feet, Seattle will be home to our first full scale farm and help set the standard by which our global farm network makes locally-grown, backyard-quality produce accessible to everyone. We’re excited about what’s next and look forward to building the Seattle team.”

With a growing global population and pressures on land use, the ability to produce food without sunlight, in city locations, is one of the solutions to meeting the challenges that creates. And it is a growing trend, with one report estimating the market will be worth more than $6 billion by 2022.


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