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Vattenfall takes fresh approach to UK

Sweden’s state-owned energy giant Vattenfall will begin selling renewable energy to the UK business market this year.

Large electricity consumers in the UK will be able to buy green power from Vattenfall’s extensive UK wind energy portfolio. By 2018 the company will control over 1 gigawatt (GW) of installed wind capacity, up from 90MW when it entered the UK market in 2008.

“Vattenfall is offering a new green power product to large UK electricity users. This is the first time that Vattenfall is making a B2B supply offering in the UK. We are able to do this because of our investment in British wind capacity since 2008. Our renewable electricity product will help our future business customers achieve their sustainability goals,” said Anna Borg, Vattenfall’s new Head of Business Area Markets.

The green power product initiative is called FRESH: Flexible, Renewable Electricity, Supplied Honestly.

Vattenfall will supply businesses from October 2017.



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