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Using data to ‘tackle climate change’


An initiative launched in Paris this month will see some of the world’s biggest cities use data technology to tackle climate change.

Not long after Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, a move generally regarded as “rejecting the future”, cities stepped up to reaffirm their commitment to delivering a sustainable future.

Leading the charge, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) – a network of 91 cities committed to building a sustainable future – confirmed it was joining forces with technology company, Numa, to advance the DataCity C40 project in urban centres around the world. It aims to build on similar ventures – which have proved successful in other cities, including one in Paris, where adopting a DataCity system saved the city 10% on street lighting costs in one year.

The Mayor of Paris and Chair of C40, Anne Hidalgo said “the alliance of NUMA and C40 will help the great cities of the world to accelerate their green transformation”.

Mark Watts, C40, Executive Director, added: “Cities have consistently shown their commitment to share ideas and learning with each other to help drive climate action further and faster. Therefore, any innovations generated through DataCity and implemented in one C40 city, could ultimately benefit up to 90 other cities across the network and beyond. C40 are excited to work with NUMA and the next generation of start-ups in cities around the world on this crucial agenda. The stakes could not be higher, but thanks to the innovation happening in cities the ambition of the Paris Agreement can be realised.”


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