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US green energy push gathers pace

A growing number of American cities and states are committing to a future powered by 100% clean energy – Washington state being the latest to do so.

The Sierra Club reported this week the state legislature’s decision to back a bill that ‘mandates an equitable transition to 100% clean electricity generation for the entire state by 2045’. It becomes the ‘seventh state-level jurisdiction’ to make the pledge to date, along with more than 100 cities nationwide; in what is surely an unstoppable trend towards a USA powered entirely by renewable energy.

“The Trump Administration may be moving the wrong direction on climate change, but people across the country will be inspired by states like Washington that are taking matters into their own hands. We are moving to a future where people will be able to flip on the light switch and know that they’re supporting local clean energy jobs while protecting their communities from the worst effects of a changing climate,” said Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club.

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