|4 October 2016|


Attracting young pioneers into the world of cyber security was the goal of the Cyber Security Challenge UK team during a recent visit to Scotland.

The competition was created to inspire young talent to take up a career in an industry forecast to be facing a severe skills shortage by 2020 – a deficit of 1.5 million jobs.

An innovative series of activities and challenges were held across central Scotland to showcase the work done by the industry.

“Cyber Security has grown as an issue in Scotland, as it has in the world’s digital sector, and is something that affects us all, from businesses to consumers,” said Jason Stanton, Schools Programme Manager at Cyber Security Challenge UK. “By raising awareness of the key issues in cyber and inspiring young people to consider jobs in the industry, we can help to increase the supply of the skilled workers needed to secure Scotland’s digital economy. We work together with our sponsor community to generate awareness of the core skills through practical interactive challenges, which is an innovative way to drive this awareness.”