|3 November 2016|


Marine energy pioneer Minesto has reported impressive test results for its game-changing Deep Green technology.

Capable of generating electricity from low velocity ocean and tidal currents, the award-winning technology has performed well at the company’s test facility in Northern Ireland.

“Following technical development progress in design and control system, the kite is flying with higher trajectory precision than before – which means improved electricity production performance,” Dr Heije Westberg, CTO at Minesto said.

And Dr Westberg’s results “correspond to full power production for a full-scale power plant”.

Dr Martin Edlund, CEO of Minesto said: “This means that our quarter-scale tests indicate adequate power generation performance for the corresponding design of the power plant at full scale. It reduces technical risks in our full-scale project and further strengthens our belief in the commercial viability of the Deep Green technology.”