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Underprivileged pioneers catch a break


The world’s biggest startup campus has welcomed the first cohort to an initiative which supports entrepreneurs from underprivileged backgrounds.

Station F in Paris has opened the doors to its Fighter Program, which attracted over 200 applications from 27 countries.

“The Fighters Program, in a nutshell, is part of STATION F’s core mission: to support diversity in innovation and provide support to entrepreneurs who come from underprivileged backgrounds,” blogged Station F. “Fighters may be people who have a difficult personal history, who come from low-income families, who don’t have resources or a network, who are refugees, who come from rural areas. They have one thing in common: they fought to build their own company, despite all the extra difficulties they faced.”

The 13 selected to join the platform will work alongside the 1000 startups based at Station F and enjoy free access to the range of resources available there.

“Our selected Fighters count some really incredible people: a cancer survivor, a former prison inmate, an entrepreneur who faced over-indebtedness, and several entrepreneurs from developing countries like Tahiti or Sri Lanka,” the blog says.

Get the lowdown on all 13 here.

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