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UN Global Goals on tour

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are coming to a city near you – inside some brightly coloured containers. That’s thanks to the new initiative from Seeds&Chips, the world’s most impactful food summit series, which had its annual stop in Milan last week.

The containers (pictured above) are leaving Milan for a world tour that will help spread awareness of the #GlobalGoals. We are media partners with Seeds&Chips, and as a communications platform that is dedicated to supporting the delivery of the Goals, we are delighted to announce news of this creative storytelling mission. People entering the containers will discover ‘artistic installations and displays of public and private sector initiatives that aim to realize the Goals’; with Journalist and photographer, Elisabetta Lattanzio Illy – who has, for nearly three decades been a champion of supporting ‘equality and dignity for all’, a major contributor to the project.

“Reaching the SDGs represents the greatest business opportunity that has ever occurred for humanity. We have the honor of launching the Goals on Tour initiative because we must begin to create awareness, make systems and unite the intentions around the SDGs,” said Marco Gualtieri, President and founder of Seeds&Chips. 

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