|18 January 2016|

Scotland’s world renowned small wind turbine manufacturer is making strong headway in Japan.

Glasgow’s Gaia-Wind has established a subsidiary in the country and plans to export 100 turbines to the Far East over the next 12 months.

CEO Johnnie Andringa said: “Japan has a market size 1.6 times that of the UK and the most attractive feed in tariff in the world,” he said. “Our Japanese reselling partners are gearing up to help deliver what Japanese Consul General in Scotland, Hajime Kitaoka, described as ‘the conversion from atomic power to renewable energy after the Tsunami disaster in 2011’.

“We confidently expect to sell over 100 turbines into Japan over 2016 and in time to achieve double that amount annually. Following the disastrous effects of botched UK support mechanisms, our export strategy will see us reducing our exposure to the UK domestic market to around 15% of our total sales. This will protect and indeed generate new jobs in a tough, farm-scale renewables environment.”