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Key stakeholders from more than 80 countries are attending the International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENAInnovation Week event in Bonn.

Startups, corporates and policymakers are among those taking part in debates around the role disruptive tech is playing in accelerating the energy transition.


“Renewable energy coupled with technological innovation are changing the way that energy is produced, distributed and consumed. The new global energy paradigm that is emerging is more sustainable and has greater socioeconomic benefits for an unprecedented number of people,” explains Adnan Z. Amin, IRENA Director-General. “Innovation Week brings leaders from diverse fields together to share their vision for the energy sector of the future, and is a crucible for the innovative ideas that are moving the energy transformation forward.”


Watch today’s plenary via a live webcast on the IRENA Facebook page from 16:15 CET.

Follow hashtag #IRENAinnovation for all the chat on social media.

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