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Tune into Climate Reality 

Welcome to the first of what will be a new regular column on all things climate change 

The Climate Reality Leadership training I took part in last month in Berlin was an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the ways we can collectively spread awareness on climate change. I got inspired by the devotion of Al Gore, who leads the Climate Reality Project, and energised by the enthusiastic community of Climate Reality Leaders spread all over the world. I am looking forward to actively participating in this movement and helping people around me learn more about the actions we all need to take – industries, individuals and governments – to hold on to our world.  

I plan to develop this into a regular section, in print and online at, where I can share my developing insight as a new Climate Reality Leader and bring you stories about the innovators tackling the challenge. 

To kick things off though, here are some words that inspired me during the training in Berlin. 

“Knowledge of the true circumstance we face is empowering, and yet knowledge alone is insufficient. It has to be matched with passion, with commitment, with stamina; with a decision to truly recognise this moment in history and decide, right now that we each of us, are going to be part of the solution,” Al Gore said. “Times are different now. There are five times the jobs in renewables than there is in coal. ”

“The last time the atmosphere had so much CO2 in the air, sea level was 7 meters higher. Even if we don’t emit a single molecule of greenhouse gas from tomorrow, the climate has already been committed to a certain level of change,” said Dr Diana Ürge-Vorsatz 


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Passionate about food innovation and sustainability issues, Carlotta was the first to join the Magazine's Impact Comms Programme in 2018/19.


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