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Tuna alternative on more menus

A new deal has been signed that will increase the availability of a plant based alternative to raw tuna.

Innovators Magazine featured the Ahimi product pioneered by Ocean Hugger Foods last year, when Whole Foods Market agreed to sell it in New York and LA sushi bars. And now the company is joining forces with Aramark, which serves customers worldwide working in a variety of fields, including education, corporate, sports and healthcare.

Leading American chef James Corwell is behind the tomato-based Ahimi, which can be used in dishes such as ‘sashimi, nigiri, poke, tartare and ceviche’.

“At Aramark, we’re continually looking for new and innovative ways to deliver culinary experiences that meet the demands of our guests and reflect current marketplace trends,” said Annette Gray, Lead Chef, Culinary & Innovation Aramark. “Our collaboration with Ocean Hugger Foods to introduce Ahimi® into our recipes is another example of our forward-thinking approach to creating sustainable menus that not only taste great but are healthy for you.”

The growing trend towards plant based foods features regularly on these pages; writing for us earlier this year, Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute, insisted the plant based food market is an opportunity for innovators to make money and save the world.

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