By Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

“If we can grow the meat without the animal, why wouldn’t we?”

It’s a great question posed last August by then-CEO of global meat giant Tyson Foods, Tom Hayes.

Why not indeed, particularly when producing animal-free meat could solve some of the greatest global issues of our time while paying serious dividends to the bright minds who make it possible.

It’s a question that a growing number of innovators have asked themselves as they race to bring the most compelling solutions – plant-based and clean meat – to market.

Since speaking to Innovators Magazine in January of last year, the momentum of this work to transform the global meat industry has been startling.

This trillion Euro market is growing rapidly, but its inherent inefficiency makes it ripe for innovation. It can’t happen soon enough, given the damage industrial animal agriculture causes to the environment, food security, public health, and animals. That is why The Good Food Institute exists – to shift our supply from slaughter-based meat to plant-based and clean meat, which is real meat grown directly from cells.


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