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Toyota’s robots help people walk again

|13 April 2017|


Toyota is going to rent out a robotics system which can help people with paralysis learn how to walk again.

The Japanese company has been using its automotive technologies to develop Partner Robot technologies for decades. These are robots designed to work alongside humans providing support in key aspects of life.

Toyota’s Welwalk WW-1000 helps those who have lower limb disabilities by working to their individual needs and at a pace which aids proper recovery. The robots rehabilitation functions are supported by motor learning theory and give vital feedback on the patient’s posture and movement.

Toyota plans to make 100 units of the Welwalk WW-1000 robots available to medical facilities later this year.

With an ageing population Toyota is also using its Partner Robot technologies to enable ‘freedom of mobility’ and ‘self-reliance’. This is aimed at four aspects of “Senior Life Support, Medical Support, Personal Life Support, and Welfare Support.” It is all designed to allow people to live more independent lives.

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