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Toyota takes autonomous route

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has been showcasing some of its latest innovations to investors in America this week.

Its autonomous research vehicle is one of them. The latest version – labelled Platform 2.1 – includes sensing technology from Luminar, which is designed to ensure self-driving vehicles perform safely.

Luminar Founder and CEO, Austin Russell said: “As the group defining the future of vehicle autonomy for the largest auto manufacturer in the world, TRI has the greatest opportunity to lead the charge in deploying life-saving self-driving technology at scale. By equipping vehicles with the best quality 3D data, better-than-human perception can finally become a reality – charting the fastest, safest course for full autonomy.”

As well as demonstrating a range of new innovations in the latest version of its autonomous platform, TRI has also released a white paper outlining its work in the field and the philosophy that drives the institute’s vision.

“In the last few months, we have rapidly accelerated our pace in advancing Toyota’s automated driving capabilities with a vision of saving lives, expanding access to mobility, and making driving more fun and convenient,” explained Dr Gill Pratt, CEO of TRI. “Our research teams have also been evolving machine intelligence that can support further development of robots for in-home support of people.”

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