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Toulouse joins the dots for biotechs

Abstract background medical substance and molecules.

|14 April 2017|


The biotechnology industry will play a leading role in providing solutions to the mounting global pressures of climate change and food scarcity.

Developing bio-based alternatives in areas like energy, food and medicines are vital to the delivery of a sustainable future.

Initiatives like Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB) – a pre-industrial demonstrator working to accelerate the impact of industrial biotechnologies – are important in converting answers found in the lab into real world change.

TWB is a melting pot of stakeholders working collaboratively to place sustainable practices at the heart of the industrial process. The multi-million euro venture brings startups, researchers and industry together as part of a public private partnership platform designed to speed up the commercialisation of game-changing products.

It recently attracted eight new industrial partners – taking the consortium to over 50, including large companies, investment funds, startups and public partners. These organisations share their expertise to generate new ideas and tap into the technological and professional support networks available at TWB.

“In 2016, TWB enhanced the achievements of its first five years of existence. Value generation in TWB’s collaborative ecosystem has been confirmed: the technological support to young companies has allowed them to raise funds or to create subsidiaries. The commitment of TWB’s personnel and public and private partnerships remains unfailing, reinforced by the achieved results and by the sense of being directly involved in the building up of a rare experience. The projects continue to be numerous and promising.” said Pierre Monsan, Founding Director of TWB.

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