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Top marks for biofuels plant


A record-breaking biorefinery in Canada is transforming household waste into biofuels in under five minutes.

Enerkem’s facility in Edmonton, Alberta, last year became the first biorefinery anywhere in the world to be named an ISCC certified plant (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) capable of turning municipal solid waste into biomethanol.

And it was announced today that the plant has met all the production targets set for it by lead investor, Integrated Asset Management (IAM), which has assets of $2.6 billion.

Vincent Chornet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enerkem, said: “The Enerkem Alberta Biofuels facility in Edmonton is fully operational in accordance with very rigorous production criteria. This third-party validation comes in at the right time as we are expanding our footprint in North America and Europe. Our disruptive solution sets a new standard in waste management, biofuels and chemicals, thus accelerating the transition toward a circular economy where waste becomes a resource to make everyday products.”

In minutes, Enerkem’s game-changing tech converts “household waste into 99.9% pure liquid chemicals and biofuels” the company says.

“We have been impressed with Enerkem’s discipline and commitment throughout the process of ramping-up the world’s first commercial operation of its kind”, said Greg Dimmer, Managing Director IAM Private Debt Group. “As Enerkem’s senior lender we look forward to expanding our partnership through future financing opportunities as the company continues to expand its market outreach.”


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