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Top chef makes sushi sustainable


Plant-based food is a growing trend as innovators seek to develop sustainable food systems that can feed a global population very much on the rise.

Ocean Hugger Foods makes a tomato-based vegan alternative to raw tuna called ahimi. Whole Foods Market has announced it will begin selling it at its sushi bars in New York and Los Angeles in October.

Top American chef James Corwell is behind the product. Inspired to find a solution to the depleted numbers of fish swimming in the oceans, James came up with ahimi for “use in dishes including sashimi, nigiri, poke, tartare and ceviche”.

The company joins a growing number of disruptors reshaping the food industry. Finless Foods, run by biochemists Michael Selden and Brian Wyrwas, is using stem cells from living fish to make fish meat. While Impossible Foods and Memphis Meats, –  two of the best known names in this burgeoning industy – are making chicken and beef products without killing any animals.




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