Organisers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have set a sustainability goal to ‘be better, together – for the planet and the people’.

The concept is underpinned by a strategic plan that establishes targets across areas including renewable energy, waste, carbon emissions, as well as contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Venues will use electricity generated from 100% renewable sources and the awards will be made using circular economy methods.


“Sustainability has undoubtedly become an essential aspect of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. I am confident that Tokyo 2020’s efforts to achieve a zero carbon society, to limit resource waste and encourage consideration of human rights, among other things, will become legacies of these Games.
Going forward, under the guiding principle of ‘Be better, together – for the planet and the people’, Tokyo 2020 will implement the Plan in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the national government and our delivery partners, as well as striving to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,” said Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto.