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Toasting the clean energy transition

Budweiser won the corporate category at Global Game Changers – an event we jointly held in 2018 – for its positive impact towards the UN Global Goals.

Now the Sierra Club in America has praised one of the world’s most iconic brands for its new Super Bowl advert. Anheuser Busch, which makes the beer, released the film with the message: ‘now brews with wind power for a better tomorrow’. Headquartered in St. Louis, it committed to making the shift to 100% clean power in 2017 and the Sierra Club hailed the company for inspiring the City of St. Louis to follow suit.

“CEO Carlos Brito’s words in 2017 and Anheuser Busch clean energy commitment proves that corporate leadership can inspire government and utility action. Companies are flocking to clean energy not just to combat climate change, but because it is good for their bottom line. RE100, a coalition of “the world’s most influential companies committed to 100% renewable power” has grown to 161 corporations. While we congratulate Anheuser Busch, we hope that this moment will continue to push local utilities such as Ameren, corporate offices, suppliers, and distribution centers to power all of America with clean renewable energy and move away from dirty fossil fuels,” said Andy Knott, Senior Campaign Representative for the Sierra Club’s Missouri Beyond Coal Campaign.

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