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Time to catch Finland’s circular bug

The first country to publish a roadmap on the circular economy is inviting the world to join it in acting sustainably.

Finland is a proactive global actor in this area, creating and facilitating circular economy growth. The country’s innovation fund, Sitra, hosted the World Circular Economy Forum  this year and it has a number of companies promoting sustainability in a range of innovative ways.

The decision to go circular is one that can be made with the heart and the head. As well as the obvious environmental benefits, it also offers big financial returns, with one study estimating its value – to Europe alone – at €2 trillion.

Sitra says it is teaching half of Finnish teenagers to become, what it calls, Circular Economy Natives, a creative idea it ‘made up’ – one it encourages others to copy. Finland, as Innovators Magazine has often said, is the place to call to speak about matters of sustainability – listen to this video to hear why.

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