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It has been a busy year for the Innovators Magazine team and we will look back at some of the highlights over the next few weeks.

Today though, we are going to point you to a selection of the 2019 events we are media partners with. Next June, the 18th Responsible Business Summit Europe in London – from the Ethical Corporation – is one we are partnering with for the first time. In light of the more mainstream coverage that is being produced in recent times of the environmental state of play, and the need for all sections of society to take urgent action to tackle global challenges, like climate change, this summit will have greater importance than ever before.


“With our planet facing near irreversible collapse coupled with increasing societal pressures, rapid innovations and changes in technology, businesses face challenging times ahead. These challenges, however, provide new opportunities to transform industries and societies. It’s time for business to embrace these opportunities and lead to a new clean and sustainable future,” the summit website states.


Topics including the circular economy, climate action and the UN Global Goals are some of those that will be up for debate among the corporations and organisations in a position to lead change. The event takes place from 10 to 12 June 2019, download the summit brochure to learn more about why you should get involved.


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