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Over 50,000 employees worldwide are currently learning about digital transformation through H-FARM’S multi-lingual maize.PLUS platform.

H-FARM is one of the most impactful innovation ecosystems in Europe, and with maize.PLUS it says it is offering users bite-sized content, accessible via any device, that is ‘comprised of three macro-areas that correspond to current challenges that every company must face in the digital transformation process: Human, Innovation and Culture’. Thematic streams incorporated in each include: blockchain, cybersecurity and the latest VR applications.

H-FARM’s latest innovation responds directly to the pressing needs of large companies, identified in the The Future of Jobs report, which states that around 54% of employees will need retrained by 2020. Add to this another study, by the Technical University of Monaco, showing 90% of big businesses are still to establish a ‘concrete strategy’ for digital transformation training and education, and the scale of the challenge is obvious.

Multi-national Henkel is one of the global brands currently tapping into maize.PLUS, which can be personalised for each client, in a bid to bring its employees up-to-speed.

“Together with H-Farm, we have customised the maize.PLUS learning experience. A platform that is tailored, inspired and built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs,” Dr Rahmyn Kress, CDO Henkel & Founder Henkel, X says of the e-learning platform. “This is an evolving learning platform where new standards and features are constantly added as well as new content and insights into new emerging technologies. As we accept, that transformation and change is the new constant, so will life-long learning be. I am extremely pleased with the content and the platform that we have created, that is tailored to our corporate culture and our commitment for up-skilling our teams.”

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