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Three weeks to go…

Glasgow, Scotland, 12 September, 2018.

The time and place when the ongoing contribution being made by industries and ecosystems to the delivery of the UN #GlobalGoals will be recognised. Global Game Changers is an international awards platform that rewards cross-sector impact towards the Global Goals, and was one of the first to do so when it was launched in 2017, a year after the blueprint officially came into force.

Innovators Magazine and Newsquest Media run the event, which takes place in Glasgow’s iconic Grand Central Hotel. And this is our daily nudge to remind readers tickets are available now.



Check out the finalists in the categories linked to this section:

Young Pioneers – sponsored by ScottishPower

2050 Climate Group

Altitude Thinking


Revive Eco Ltd

The New Art


Start-Up and Share

Revive Eco

Alterwaste Ltd



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It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!


It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!

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It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!


It’s Global Game Changers Day 2018!


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