The annual Thought For Food (TFF) Challenge is one of the world’s leading programmes for accelerating solutions that can transform broken food systems.

This year the challenges want to address areas including: ‘nutritious foods; novel flavours and aromas; regenerative agricultural production systems (crops, aquaculture, livestock); controlled environment agriculture; appropriate technology for smallholders; and transparent and inclusive supply chains’.

“With the urgency of climate change and the environmental and social pressures facing our food systems, our annual competition creates a groundswell of new solutions by incentivising innovation from the passionate and creative leaders of the next generation,” explained Christine Gould, Founder and CEO of the Thought For Food Foundation. “We ask young people to do what they do best—which is to push boundaries and question assumptions. Through the years, this approach has delivered tangible impact with some of the most robust and inspired ideas of our generation. We can’t wait to see what this year brings forward.”

Below are the specific TFF challenges for 2019:

The TFF x Food Lab at Google Circular Economy of Food Challenge: Can you create a food product that has a truly positive impact? That goes beyond sustainability and builds a circular economy for the global food system? Guided by expert input from industry leaders at Appelgate, Danone, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Google, HowGood, Lexicon of Food, and the World Economic Forum, this unique challenge will push you to discover disruptive innovations in all phases of a food product’s journey—from agricultural production to processing to packaging and beyond. 

The TFF x reNature Foundation Regenerative Agroforestry Challenge: How can you support farmers and cooperatives to transition to sustainable agroforestry systems? Which innovative and useful products can be created and delivered from agroforestry systems? In this challenge, teams are called upon to create solutions that mimic natural forest ecosystems to regenerate soil, increase biodiversity, improve the water cycle, enhance ecosystem services, sequester carbon and improve climate resilience.

The TFF x Beta.Space Colonizing Space Challenge: Recently, visionaries like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have taken extraordinary steps toward getting humans to other worlds. However, the challenge remains: How will we sustain ourselves once we get there? What will farming on the Moon, Mars or in Orbit look like? What crops will we grow and foods will we eat there? And how can the ideas developed to solve these challenges be applied right here on Earth? Beta.Space is the new innovation ecosystem for building a better, sustainable world wherever humans may live – and you can be to be a part of it.

The TFF Challenge runs until 24 January, 2020. The selected finalists will go on to the TFF Academy and TFF Summit, which takes place from 21-26 March, 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in collaboration with the Jeffrey Cheah FoundationSunway GroupiLabs, and ASLI. Teams will pitch for grant funding from the Thought For Food Foundation, the Kirchner Food Fellows and the Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture.

Go to the TFF site to discover more.