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This is how humanity moves to a sustainable new future

At COP28 in Dubai Tammy Michelle Scarlett captured the zeitgeist when she said that “as consciousness about caring for ourselves, each other and the planet, becomes more prevalent, there is an opportunity for humanity to drive change from the inside out.”

This growing sense of togetherness, of oneness, a fringe essence first felt in some of the social movements of the 1960s, has been steadily evolving, moving to the centre of our collective consciousness, returning humanity to the natural states that can sustain it – and all life on earth.


Tammy is dedicated to strengthening these connections, in her work as the executive director of UNIFY, a global nonprofit that promotes world peace through global synchronised meditations and action campaigns focused on moving humanity forward.

“There is something beneath the surface for humanity, that is also part of our shared experience of just being human at this time on the planet, that is calling for more, that’s hungry and thirsty for a little bit more,” Tammy told me, when I caught up with her again on the latest episode of Inside Ideas.

On the surface, we can all see the injustices and egregious behaviours laying waste to the world around us. Without new ways of working however, the subsurface unity of all things that David Foster Wallace spoke of – our intrinsic human connections, they will evaporate beneath concrete surfaces of our own making.

In what increasingly looks like a rediscovering of the essential harmony of this dynamic two-step, though, we are finding the natural rhythms that move us away from the precipice. But we must remember, this is an active pursuit, the practical steps are down to us – and my conversation with Tammy drills into these. We talk about the actions organisations should be prioritising, new models for collaboration, as well as the regenerative and abundant living systems humanity has a critical hand in fostering.

Impact portfolio

Tammy also speaks about scaling the practice of what is called: impact portfolio, targeted investments designed to deliver social and environmental profits, explaining to us the myriad benefits of this for organisations and individuals. She also gives us a sneak preview of her book: BIRTHRIGHT, dropping in spring 2025.

For all this, and a lot more – join us on the latest episode of Inside Ideas.


Tammy Michelle Scarlett is a global systems architect, strategist, and futurist, and serves as Executive Director of the global non-profit  With a graduate degree from Harvard University, she works on global efficiencies for humanity using interdisciplinary, cross-sector intelligence. Tammy believes in implementing systemic change with strategy, efficiency and abundance for the thriving of our future.


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Marc is Editor-at-Large for Innovators Magazine and host of INSIDE IDEAS, his OnePoint5Media video podcast show. Marc is a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network, Resilient Futurist, and award-winning Global Food Reformist.


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