|8 January 2016|

The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival is to pay homage to the Scottish government’s  Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

Taking place in Scotland’s most prolific whisky producing region, it will show how the multi-million pound global industry has been built on the exact principles which will be nationally recognised over the next 12 months.

Festival chairman James Campbell says that the union of innovative design and traditional whisky production was a fitting achievement to be celebrated during the themed year. He added: “From the bold, innovative moves of illicit distillers who pioneered production to the world famous architectural design of the pagoda which has become a hallmark of Speyside’s distilleries, whisky would not be the multi-billion pound industry it is today without these innovators.

“This amalgamation of heritage and innovation is what makes Speyside whisky so unique and we look forward to sharing our traditions and passion for Scotch malt whisky with visitors to the festival.

“The five day event offers a rare opportunity for whisky aficionados, and beginners alike to learn more about the malts that have made our region world famous.”

The 17th annual festival runs from April 28 – May 2.