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A wireless solution for sustainable transport

Scania Citywide Electric Hybrid with inductive charger Södertälje, Sweden Photo: Dan Boman 2016

|7 December 2016|


Scania’s pioneering new electric hybrid bus – powered by wireless charging – is being trialled in Sweden. A charging point positioned beneath the road surface automatically charges the parked bus, which will run in regular urban traffic in Södertälje.

It’s the first time the technology has been used in the Nordic region. It is also being tested in extreme weather conditions to properly assess its suitability for use in such northerly parts of the world.

Virtually invisible, the inductive technology is designed so as not to disturb existing urban environments.

“The electric hybrid bus in this project demonstrates a technology track for a more sustainable transport solution. The inductive charging technology is both silent and invisible. The field test in Södertälje is important ahead of the choices facing both society and the automotive industry with regard to eliminating emissions and reducing noise from traffic in sensitive urban environments,” says Hedvig Paradis, who is a project manager at Scania and responsible for the company’s participation in the research project.

Scania is collaborating on this project – which is being partly financed by the Swedish Energy Agency – with the public transport operator for the Stockholm region SL, Vattenfall, Södertälje Municipality and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in a bid to develop a silent and sustainable public transport system.


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