|1 June 2016|


Aquila Insight is spearheading the UK’s ambitions to be a “world leader” in big data, an industry forecast to be worth £241 billion by 2020.

Capitalising on the explosion of data innovation in business, Aquila Insight’s turnover has more than doubled year on year since launch in 2012, increasing to £4.2 million for 2015/16. The firm has expanded its London and Edinburgh offices on the back of high profile client wins including British Airways, and has ambitious plans to expand internationally with the opening of its first overseas office this year.

Warwick Beresford-Jones and John Brodie launched Aquila Insight in 2012 with the determination to create a new kind of analytics consultancy whose commercially intelligent analysts would translate data into actionable insights that would have a direct impact on a client’s bottom line.

Warwick said: “Big data is forecast to add over £241 billion to the economy by 2020 and the UK has the opportunity to be a world leader in big data and analytics. From the start we have focused on delivering a commercial advantage to all of our clients and have built a strong reputation in the industry. Big data has been much hyped in recent years but boards are now demanding real results.

“Ultimately, all organisations want to know what’s happening with their customers, what is going to change and what they need to do to be successful in future. We do that quickly and effectively, helping them to answer with accuracy that age-old business question: what three things should I be doing today to improve the business?”