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The tech solution to saving the honeybees

|8 June 2016|

San Francisco 

Welcome to the world of digital beekeeping is the message from Bee Smart Technologies – the pioneering company using technology to save our planet.

By offering “data powered solutions” Bee Smart Technologies is encouraging “beekeepers to embrace a modern approach in caring for their bees” and help reverse the alarming global drop in bee numbers threatening our agricultural ecosystem.

With Friends of the Earth estimating it would “cost farmers £1.8 billion a year to hand pollinate crops” it is essential that solutions are found which can sustain the natural pollination of fruits and vegetables.

“At Bee Smart Technologies our mission is to build the agriculture of the future by adopting advanced technologies centered around sustainability and reestablishing a caring relationship with nature. Starting by saving the honeybees, we strive to expand our portfolio of innovative products and services and make them available to all farmers in the entire agricultural sector. We are committed to apply an ethical approach in creating the smart grid of nature,” the Bee Smart Technologies says.


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Iain Robertson
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