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Vodka reveals its sustainable side

It is Friday so thoughts of a cocktail are never far away. And in the spirit of sustainability, the multi-award winning 42BELOW vodka has taken cocktail lemons and unwanted fruit from bars in New Zealand and Australia to make soap.

And the efforts to recycle the leftovers into a useful product have been recognised through the 3rd Annual Bacardi Limited Good Spirited Awards program.

“The campaign effectively turned 400 kilograms of fruit waste into 20,000 sachets of soap and 700 hand-pump glass bottles of soap—in drink terms, that’s more than 3,200 cocktails,” Bacardi said in a statement.

Bars who donated the fruit received the eco soap for use in their bathrooms.

“It’s inspiring to see the ongoing commitment Bacardi employees have toward building a more sustainable future where they live and work,” says Rodolfo Nervi, vice president of global safety, quality, and sustainability for Bacardi. “What makes these accolades even more meaningful is that each was nominated by their peers from around the world.”

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