|4 December 2015|

Scotland’s stunning landscapes and rich history are the inspirations for a new soundtrack aimed at attracting visitors to the country.

The country’s national tourism organisation has joined with Scotland’s national symphony orchestra to create an evocative new soundtrack to inspire visitors across the world to put Scotland on their holiday wish list.

The classical score, created by Scottish-based composer Giles Lamb’s classical score will provide the soundtrack for the national tourism organisation’s new marketing campaign to be unveiled to the world next year.

More than 50 musicians came together at Glasgow’ Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s (RSNO) new concert hall to create sounds likely to give goosebumps to those who hear it.

Giles said: “You would think that translating the beauty of Scotland into music would be an easy task – the landscapes and magic in the air is unquestionable – but to create a score which captured all the elements of our fine country in just 60 seconds was a challenge indeed!

“From the beautiful stormy skies over the mountains in the Highlands to the soft rolling peaceful landscapes of the Scottish Borders, we had to make sure we were capturing it all and I hope the finished piece does just that! It was truly an honour to be asked to create this score and I can’t wait for the world to hear it!”