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The reality of climate change


School children from around the world are going to connect and discuss the devastation being caused by climate change with the help of augmented reality (AR).

The AR game, EduCycle – developed by Finish company Neste, will be used by young learners as part of a programme designed to increase understanding of issues relating to climate change. To kick-start the company’s ‘international environmental exchange’ initiative, 10 schools in Finland will be selected to take part.

“We want to bring young people from different countries together to increase their understanding of global climate change, which is a complex matter,” explains Osmo Kammonen, Neste Corporation’s Senior Vice President of Communications and Brand Marketing. “At the same time, our program enables a cultural exchange. Pupils from Finnish schools will be able to talk to the Chinese youth of the same age, for example.”

The game allows users to understand the impact different actions have on the planet and what measures can be taken to slow down the damage that is being done.

All age groups can do their bit to tackle climate change. Check out this fun and helpful guide: the lazy person’s guide to saving the world.

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