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‘The Future of Food’


A new initiative has been launched to place innovation at the heart of Australia’s food and agribusiness sector.

Speaking at the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology’s (AIFST) 50th Anniversary Convention – themed around: The Future of Food – the country’s Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Craig Laundy, introduced a new roadmap for achieving global success.

Developed by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), it sets out a path for growing a sustainable food sector that is underpinned by innovation and technology. Deputy Director of CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Dr Martin Cole, labelled Australia a ‘delicatessen of high-quality products’ that provides for millions nationally and internationally.

“Australian businesses are among the most innovative in the world, and together with our world-class scientists, can deliver growth in the food and agribusiness sector amid unprecedented global change,” Dr Cole said.

“Less predictable growing conditions, increasingly global value chains and customers who demand healthier, more convenient and traceable foods are driving businesses to new ways of operating.

“Advances are already being made through the use of blockchain technology and the development of labels that change colour with temperature or time, or are programmed to release preservatives.

“This roadmap will set us on the path to sustainable growth in the sector.”


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