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‘The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap’


A new roadmap has been released to help entrepreneurs navigate the journey from ‘concept to IPO’.

Produced through a collaboration between the New York Stock Exchange, KPMG and others,  ‘The Entrepreneur’s Roadmap: From Concept to IPO‘ is designed to pave the way to success.

“Developing a business from the startup stage is filled with challenges and securing the funding to catalyze that growth is tough without a strong value proposition,” explained Brian Hughes, National Partner in Charge of Private Markets Group & National Venture Capital Co-leader for KPMG. “This roadmap seeks to guide company leaders at each stage of their life cycle with critical insights to help foster growth.”

Aamir Husain, National IPO Readiness Leader for KPMG added: “As recent volatile markets have shown, companies need to have the flexibility to file an IPO when the best market conditions are present. The roadmap helps to prepare companies going public by addressing key issues to be resolved early, especially those that involve complex accounting rules, to allow a company to file at the most opportune moment.”

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