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“The car as we know it will soon be history”

Just a few years from now, cars will be an active part of the internet of things (IoT), able to communicate with other connected modes of transportation, and even with the smart home

|17 November 2016|


The car of the future will be an integral part of the internet of things (IoT) space which will connect all elements of our lives, according to Bosch CEO Dr Volkmar Denner.

Speaking at the Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin he explained how cars will seamlessly fit into an environment built on connectivity.

Cities, homes, cars and offices are increasingly connecting up in ways which will radcally reshape the way we live our lives.
“Alongside the home and the office, the car will become the third living environment,” Dr Denner said. “Today you use the internet to book a hotel room; in the future you’ll arrange your mobility online as well.”
Cars will soon be integrated into the IoT network speaking to other connected ‘modes of transportation, and even with the smart home’.

“In a few years, mobility will be seamlessly connected,” Dr Denner said. People today still think in terms of their own individual vehicles, but the next few years will see their focus shift toward the most convenient way to reach their destination.”
Three development stages are required to make this happen, according to the Bosch CEO.

Firstly ‘connectivity begins behind the wheel’ – with the car of the future set to ‘become the driver’s personal assistant’. Drivers will use their connected vehicles to stream both real-time data and entertainment content their infotainment systems .

Secondly mobility will be seamlessly connected beyond the car. “Our mobility solutions go beyond automotive technology,” Dr Denner said.

Bosch ‘provides a software solution that connects various modes of transport’ and ‘thanks to this software, one chip card is all that is needed for car-sharing, bike-sharing, train and bus travel, as well as for admission to amenities such as swimming pools or libraries’.

Dr Denner’s also said the internet of things is bringing together mobility, smart homes, and smart cities.“We’re not just redefining mobility, we’re also connecting people’s living environments.”

If cars are connected via the cloud to the smart home, or even the smart city, Denner sees added benefit for everyone. “Bosch is making sure that mobility and smart services blend seamlessly. We’re not just offering people the best way to reach their destination. Through connectivity, we’re also freeing up time. Bosch is already well positioned in all key aspects of the internet of things, and will continue to drive this trend forward,” he added.


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