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Thanksgiving dinners drive 92M miles


The turkey waste fat generated by Thanksgiving meals eaten today could produce enough renewable fuel to drive a car 92 million miles.

Neste has a track record of converting waste collected from Christmas hams cooked in Finnish households over the festive period, and through this route, processed enough Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ last Christmas to power a car the equivalent of 400,000 miles. With 46 million turkeys being consumed by hungry Americans today, not great news for the climate in itself, at least it offers the potential to create something useful.

The Christmas holiday campaign From Fat to Fuel campaign – from Neste – will run in Finland again this season, with the target of reaching 300,000 households, more than double the number involved last year.


“We are constantly on the lookout for new renewable raw materials that we can turn into low-emission fuels. Our goal with this campaign in Finland is to bring the idea of circular economy closer to consumers, encourage recycling and environmental consciousness, and of course spread some holiday cheer,” says Kaisa Lipponen, Director, Corporate Communications and Brand Marketing at Neste Corporation.

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