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Thank goodness for plant-based foods


American restaurant giant TGI Fridays is joining the plant-based food movement.

After successful trials of the The Beyond Burger – produced by Beyond Meat – in the US last October, the chain is introducing the meat-free classic to all of its 469 locations across the States.

“Appealing to a more food-forward consumer is a key priority for Fridays in 2018,” explained David Spirito, Executive Culinary Director, TGI Fridays in a statement. “In answering guests demand for nutritional menu items that fit their lifestyle needs, we saw an opportunity to introduce newly expanded options like plant-based protein. Beyond Meat is leading the way in creating a juicy and delicious product that gives guests the sensory experience of a traditional burger without sacrificing taste.”

Beyond Meat is supported by Leonardo DiCaprio and has been called the iPhone of meat-free burgers. The company also recently introduced the Beyond Sausage – which CEO, Ethan Brown, says shows his team’s “relentless march toward a perfect build of meat from plants”.

We’ll have an article on the growing popularity of plant-based foods, predicted to be one of the big trends this year, by Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director of The Good Food Institute in our special biotech industry – out later next month.


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