A public art project is underway at the near the Forth and Clyde canal, Glasgow.

Temporary Iron Foundry is part of THEN/NOW — a public art project for/with the Forth and Clyde Canal by artists Minty Donald, Neil McGuire and Nick Millar.

A temporary furnace has been erected to allow artists to cast a series of iron ingots using scrap iron salvaged from the canal.

The metal will be melted and poured into moulds this evening (from 5.30pm 21 August) and from 2pm tomorrow, visitors can help free the sculptures from the moulds. They can also experience a sense of the former Victoria Foundry through an art-archaeology installation that evokes the now defunct iron works in the contemporary canal side location.

They will then be embossed with figures commemorating a previous art event: Barge Pull. Within the next few months they will become permanent fixtures set in stone to commemorate the two events.

THEN/NOW is supported by Scottish Canals, Scottish Waterways Trust, Creative Scotland, The Heritage Lottery Fund, Glasgow Sculpture Studios and The University of Glasgow.

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