|8 February 2016|

Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), has launched IoT Factory Solutions: a new unit to support the growing demand for its products in industrial sectors.

“We are looking to leverage our existing assets and industry expertise to exploit the growing demand for IoT in the manufacturing and factory markets, known as Industrial IoT,” said president and finance director Yosi Fait in a statement.

Telit’s industrial IoT solution – deviceWISE for Factory – will be included in IoT Factory Solutions. It is the industry-leading, enterprise-grade industrial automation platform designed to easily connect complex, disparate production equipment from different suppliers with different protocols and interfaces to enterprise systems and applications without custom programming. Pre-configured for Cloud connectivity and integration via Telit’s IoT Portal, the scalable architecture is configurable to any manufacturing environment in any industry by leveraging a vast library of built-in standardised device drivers and enterprise connectors.  deviceWISE is perfectly suited to all manufacturing verticals including automotive, pharmaceuticals, machinery, oil and gas, electrical power generation, water and more.