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Telefónica calls time on fossil fuels


Telecommunications giant Telefónica has doubled its use of renewable electricity in the last 12 months.

The Spanish company announced the 44% figure today, up from 21% in 2016. In Germany and the UK it is already 100% renewable, while in Spain it stands at 79%.

To demonstrate its commitment to accelerate to 100% across all its locations, Telefónica has signed up to the RE100 initiative – an international network of leading companies committed to 100% renewable electricity and the promotion of clean energy.

“Our Renewable Energy Plan helps us to improve our competitiveness, reduce our operational costs and to make growth compatible with a sustainable strategy. Our goal is to have the best network, one that not only allows us to offer excellent connectivity in technological terms, but also one that is the most efficient and clean in the sector in terms of energy and carbon,” said Enrique Blanco, Telefónica’s Global CTO.

The RE100 club has a host of big names on its books, including General MotorsRicoh – who recently became the first company headquartered in Japan to sign up, and AB InBev.

On Telefónica adding its name to the list, Sam Kimmins, Head of RE100, at The Climate Group, added: “By joining RE100 and progressing its renewable electricity goals, Telefónica is demonstrating that climate leadership and business leadership go hand in hand. Going 100% renewable means Telefónica is saving on energy costs while preventing CO2 emissions – that’s a smart business decision. The company is one of the largest multinationals in Spain with a large electricity footprint and even larger global reach. How it chooses to source its energy matters in driving market change and delivering on global climate goals.”


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