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renewable energy

Team work can deliver green future

Everyone can play their part in improving energy efficiency and supporting the transition to sustainable power systems.

The World Food Programme (WFP), the leading global humanitarian body working to end hunger, is showing the way by encouraging its international team of 12,000 people to take small steps than can ultimately make a big impact.

By 2020, the WFP wants to reduce the energy it uses at its 1100 premises – across 75 countries – by between 30% and 50%. Its engineers have developed a tool kit to help WFP offices measure their energy use, which eliminates the need to despatch experts to each location. And with the information gathered the engineers can create efficient solutions tailored to each office.

In addition, the WFP is going to engage with its team on an individual level by asking them to ‘shut down, unplug, and turn down’ devices. Through gamification initiatives, offices will compete to be the most efficient, as the WPF bids to engender a mindset change that makes energy awareness common place.

Check out its video.

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