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Team humankind versus the pandemic

football on grass
Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

We all have a vital role to play in beating the coronavirus pandemic. And to boost team spirit, FIFA and the World Health Organization have launched the Pass the message to kick out coronavirus campaign.

It champions five actions individuals should prioritise relating to ‘hand washing, coughing etiquette, not touching your face, physical distance and staying home if feeling unwell’.

“Cover your nose and mouth with a bent elbow or tissue when you sneeze or cough,” said Carli Lloyd two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup winner from the United States. “Dispose of tissue immediately and wash your hands.”

Carli is one of 28 players who added their support to the video campaign launched Monday, which is being published in 13 languages. Laura Georges, Gianluigi Buffon and Lionel Messi are some of the other household names from the world of football backing the initiative.

“Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, nose or mouth to prevent the virus from entering your body,” added Lionel Messi.

Do your bit and Pass the message to kick out coronavirus on.

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Susan is the co-founder of Innovators Magazine and a consultant for OnePoint5Media. Susan is also a member of the UNFCCC-led Resilience Frontiers Nexus group and the Chair of the APOPO Foundation UK board.


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