|18 January 2016|

Millennials from all over the world are participating in the World Economic Forum annual meeting 2016 in Davos to bring their unique perspectives to the agenda.

The Forum’s Global Shapers Community is connecting 20 cities to Davos, including Accra, Ahmedabad, Islamabad, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai and Rabat who will connect to Davos in live two-way video conversations.

The Global Shapers Community is a network of 454 city-based hubs led by young people working for positive change. Shaping Davos is a conversation that explores local solutions to global issues by engaging local stakeholders first and then connecting them to Davos. These conversations will be webcast live at www.shapingdavos.org this week.

The Shaping Davos journey starts in cities around the world where Global Shapers bring together mayors, business leaders, social activists, academics – to discuss the above topics from a local perspective. After that, they will share their perspectives with a global audience during live conversations.

In addition, the Global Shapers Community also hosts Talking Davos, a 15-minute recap of selected topics that were discussed in sessions that are part of the Shaping Davos series as well as topics that are interesting to the millennials. The format is a one-on-one informal conversation with a special guest which is live streamed. These conversations are happening in Davos and are live on www.shapingdavos.org everyday between 09.00 -10.00 and 18.30-20.00 CET from Wednesday 20 January to Saturday 23 January.