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Take world’s biggest climate challenge

There are 11 days left to sign up to the world’s biggest ever climate action hackathon.

Cities around the globe are going to take the Climathon challenge, an initiative run by Climate KIC, the EU’s premier climate innovation platform, to find solutions to climate-related problems.

Innovators Magazine is getting involved by helping to organise the Glasgow Climathon.

“Innovators Magazine is delighted to be developing the first Glasgow City Climathon. We’re enjoying collaborating with our partners across all sectors of the city, and connecting with other cities across the world to create new ideas for bold and meaningful change for the good of our city and our planet. We are excited to see the outcomes of what is lining up to be a really inspiring day,” said Susan Robertson, Co-founder, Innovators Magazine.

It is the first time Scotland’s largest city has signed up to the Climathon challenge, and it joins Berlin, Brussels, Melbourne, Milan, Edinburgh, Paris and dozens of other cities worldwide taking part.

The City of Glasgow College is hosting Glasgow’s hackathon on 27 October, the date when all challenges are being held.

Innovators, entrepreneurs, students, startups, professionals – everyone can get involved. And people don’t have to turn up with ideas – they are developed through team working exercises.

The Glasgow challenge is to develop ideas that prepare the city for the phasing out of fossil fuel transport by 2032. The aim more generally is to identify low carbon solutions that can improve air quality; reduce fuel poverty; eliminate health inequalities; and promote sustainable economic growth.

Climathon is now in its third year. In 2016, 2330 new ideas were generated by the 59 cities, from across six continents, which turned their attention to solving the big climate issues on their doorsteps.

Glasgow City Council’s Sustainable Glasgow team and the City of Glasgow College are also collaborating with Innovators Magazine on the Glasgow Climathon. Other supporters of this inaugural event are Glasgow School of Art; Sustainable Strathclyde, University of Glasgow and GUEST student sustainability team; the GGC awards; 29studiosScotland’s 2050 Climate Group and Climate-ready Clyde.

“Climate Change and the challenges it brings will affect everyone and will require a range of interventions to be implemented if we are to successfully overcome the single largest challenge facing humankind. Meaning everyone, by default, is a stakeholder and there is no single solution. Glasgow’s inaugural Climathon Climate Challenge Event offers an opportunity for all stakeholders to work collaboratively to develop solutions that both mitigate Glasgow’s impact on local and international climate, and adapt to the impacts a changing climate will have on the city,” added Duncan Booker, Sustainable Glasgow Manager & Chief Resilience Officer, Glasgow City Council.

Glasgow’s Climathon will be held from 8am to 8pm on 27 October in the Innovation & Enterprise Suite, City of Glasgow College, 190 Cathedral St, Glasgow G4 0RF. It’s free of charge to get involved, you don’t need to have an idea in advance, you just need to register online.

For more details on Glasgow’s event contact, e: Gillian Greig t: 0141 570 0029

And click here to find out where your nearest Climathon is.

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